Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't Breathe...

So on Thursday I got to work with the leather that will be half-binding my awesome little book that I'm working on in the conservation lab at work.  Here's what I learned:

1.  Your leather paring knife has to be uber-sharp.  I'm not kidding.  You have to strop the thing after every cut or you will get NOWHERE. 

2.  Paring leather results in little leather fuzzies flying everywhere.  They are particularly sticky little fuzzies.  They will stick all over your hands, your clothes, and your workspace, and anywhere else they happen to land.  I advise wearing a color similar to that of your leather if you plan on paring. 

3.  Do not breathe too close to the fuzzies.  The Boss Lady told me that if you work with leather on a regular basis or you're doing an edition binding in leather, you should wear a mask to avoid breathing them in too much and ending up with Bookbinder's Lung.  My mind immediately went to Zoolander.  *coff, coff*

4.  Paring leather is a lot of fun and very satisfying when you finally get it right. 

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  1. Sounds like fun! We have to make a book together some time. You can share all you've learned.